DJ Details

  • Location:
    Greater London, United Kingdom
  • Gig Price:
    £50 to £250 per gig
  • Required Notice:
    1 week

DJ Biography / Info

I'm a 20 year old DJ who has been mixing music since the age of 12. I have been playing in public since the age of 18 and looking to increase that each year! With my public experience being only a few years, but my love for music being over 8 years, I guarantee the people at my bar/club/festival/party, are going to have the time of there lives!

My DJing experiences are as followed:
Residencies at national UK nightclubs
One nighters in local bars
Christmas Eve sell-outs
Family Wedding takeovers
All nighters till 4am in clubs

The types of places I regularly DJ is in popular clubs and bars within my area, but this year I’m looking to expand into festivals and large events. I have done gigs with a crowd as little as 25 people, all the way to 500.

I have worked with DJs/Producers who are now headlining at huge national events such as WE ARE and with just as much quality, enthusiasm and skill as they have, any performance I’m booked for will be a sell out crowd who are guaranteed to have a great time!

The music I mix is a range of charts, house, pop, RnB, garage, 80, 90, 00s classics, hip-hop and EDM.

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