DJ Details

  • Location:
    Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Gig Price:
    £250 to £500 per gig
  • Required Notice:
    No required notice

DJ Biography / Info

Having recently returned from Kavos, Greece for my second year DJ-ing, I am now back in the UK taking bookings!

During my time in Kavos I managed to play at FOUR different Bars and Clubs.

I have been DJ-ing for over three years now and have played in lots of different Venues across the UK! Some of these include Portsmouth, London, Liverpool and Manchester. Venues I have played at - Astoria Nightclub Portsmouth, Moonshine Nightclub Portsmouth and many other venues I have returned to play on multiple occasions including Golden Bee Rooftop Bar Shoreditch London, The Peacock Liverpool, The Lawn Club Manchester, The Plaza Atherton, Curiosity Atherton, Bierkeller Manchester, The Box Sports Bar Manchester. and many more.

I have also played at different events including on Bank Holidays Festivals and Private Events for Celebrations.

My favourite genre to play is House and Tech House, Dance and Disco, however I am open to playing Open format/Commercial which is the genre I played in Kavos.

I don't drive unfortunately but as you can see I have been able to travel across the UK, sometimes getting coaches/trains/taxis, I have always got to the Venue in plenty of time. I enjoy travelling and the journey.

I am hoping to progress my DJ work and have started Producing, hoping to do my own Events in the future and travel.

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