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  • Location:
    Hampton, United Kingdom
  • Gig Price:
    £50 to £250 per gig
  • Required Notice:
    2 weeks

DJ Biography / Info

Hi everyone! My names Dani , from Richmond. I started DJ-ing during the first lockdown and since then my love behind the decks has grown stronger, I absolutely love tech house music, minimal tech and deep house. Since starting DJingin at the start of lockdown , I have since then done birthday party’s , but I am ready and keen to take to DJ skills to the next level. I am currently doing a mentor ship programme with DJelysia from centreforce radio and I’m learning intermediate level djing and music production using abelton. I currently have 2 mini mixes up on sound cloud! And my first very own house track on sound cloud. As I am starting out I am currently looking to get into smaller gigs to gain the experience . Hope you all enjoy my mixes on soundcloud ❤️

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