DJ Details

  • Location:
    Derby, United Kingdom
  • Gig Price:
    £250 to £500 per gig
  • Required Notice:
    No required notice

DJ Biography / Info

I’ve been Djing now for over 20 years starting with trance then moving into the hard house scene around the 2000 time. Funky house was then my main style playing bars and clubs around the UK then briefly in Ibiza. I mainly played Hed Kandi style which was incredible times and music. As time has gone I play house with Tech House and mash ups mixed in so pretty much got every base covered in my styles of music along with more chilled out sets when needed of soulful/disco house. I am constantly keeping track of current music and future tracks coming out so you know that I’ve got the right music to keep the crowd happy what ever that may be. I love to try new sounds and styles to keep things exciting dropping tracks and samples in that you would not expect that always gets amazing responses from people listening. I use the most up to date pioneer equipment that will be used across the world in every club so I have the knowledge needed to just step in and start smashing the tunes out wether that’s at a pool side bar or full on club. I own a few companies so very flexible when it comes to availability so just ask and I’m sure we can make arrangements for what ever gig or event I might be needed for.

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