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  • Location:
    Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Gig Price:
    £250 to £500 per gig
  • Required Notice:
    1 week

DJ Biography / Info

Signed to Wh0 Plays Records, Wh0reHouse Records, DoWhatWeWant Records, Habitat & Whoyostro

In my career so far I have warmed up for the likes of Cloonee and Hot since 82 and also have had my tracks played by the likes of, Endor, Ben Hemsley, Mistrix, Ben Rainey, and Dupex.
I started out as the resident DJ in a nightclub called Freaqs at the start of 2018 in Barnsley.
From here I have gone on to play at several events main ones are Deja Vu Events (Hull)(Warm up for Hot Since 82), and the main Tech event in Barnsley called Tarn Tech where I have featured a few times, once warming up for Cloonee!
At the end of 2018 I became resident DJ at a nightclub in Barnsley called ‘Stereo’ which has since changed its name to ‘Truth 32’ where I have remained as resident DJ.
I started producing my music at the end of 2017 which saw my first release and free download ‘The Sun’. I have gone on to make edits of ‘Hot in herre - Nelly’ and ‘Ice Ice Baby’. After toying with edits I decided it was time to finally make my own ‘Original Mixes’ which has seen my first ‘Original Mix’ track ‘Does tha want it’ get signed to ‘Wh0reHouse Records’. I have also released music on 'DoWhatWeWant Records' with my track 'Throw ya hands up'. Since then I have had many record labels interested in my style and way I produce. All my music can be found on all the major platforms apart from my edits which can be found on my soundcloud official artist page!

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