DJ Details

  • Location:
    NICE, France
  • Gig Price:
    £500 to £750 per gig
  • Required Notice:
    2 weeks

DJ Biography / Info

Maikko, born Yannick Amouroux, is a French DJ and producer hailing from the beautiful city of Nice. His passion for house music has propelled him to the forefront of the music scene, quickly capturing the hearts of listeners.
Thanks to his talent in music production, Maikko achieved the milestone of one million streams in record time. His unique creations have captivated a global audience, establishing him as one of the most promising new talents in the French music scene.
During his dynamic sets, Maikko unleashes boundless energy, creating an electrifying atmosphere that instantly captivates his audience. His ability to blend elements makes each performance an unforgettable show.
With his rapid ascent and magnetic stage presence, Maikko is undoubtedly an emerging figure to closely watch in the vibrant world of electronic music. His passion for music and commitment to delivering memorable performances make him an indispensable artist, propelling the French music scene to new heights.

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