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    London, United Kingdom
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HI Everyone
My name is Mark and i am Dj Grip.
I first got in to Djing when i was just fourteen years old and i bought my first record player.
I spent a lot of my youth being a bedroom Dj and i scent my family crazy with constant playing of loud music.
As i got older i worked in a club some times i would play music if not i would rent my equipment to other DJ's, here i gained many skills in relation to business and Djing.
I started off by playing party music but now i play 60 70 80 90 Soul, Funk, Motown and a bit off Ska, Reggae, Dance.
Over the years i learnt how to read the crowd a very important skill if your a Dj.
This all started by being a hobby and has turned into my life.
I really enjoy my work and as they say find a job you love and you never have to work again..


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