DJ Details

  • Location:
    London & Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Gig Price:
    £50 to £250 per gig
  • Required Notice:
    No required notice

DJ Biography / Info

The one thing I always aim to do is fill the dance floor and make sure everyone has a good time.

I started in music when I was 16 and for many years would DJ with friends and at house parties. Life progressed and music had to take a back burner when family and work commitments took over.

I got back into DJing in 2022 and love to see dance floors full and entertained. I have mainly played pub venues and birthday parties (40th, 30th birthdays etc).

My main genres are:

Open format (chart, hip hop, r’n’b etc).

I aim to carry on DJing at these events with the possibility of progressing in to bars and clubs and producing my own music.

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