Job Details

  • Job Location:
    Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Gig Type:
    Wedding DJ
  • DJs Required:
  • Gig Price:
    £500 - £600
  • Genres:
    Dance Anthems and House
  • Last Application Date:

Job Spec

I am searching for a mobile DJ that's in or near to Brighton. I would initially like to request prices with a view to hire. The booking will be at my wedding reception. We have booked the date already and it's on the 12th of Sept 2020. Quite a way off, I know, but we're already planning and want a better idea of prices. Something I should mention is that we don't want typical wedding music. Ideally it will be a mix of dance anthems and house. Not sure if that's possible? Our budget is around £500 - £600. Please email me (Cheryl) with your pricing and info about your company. 

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