Job Details

  • Job Location:
    York, United Kingdom
  • Gig Type:
    Wedding DJ
  • DJs Required:
  • Gig Price:
    Request for DJ prices
  • Genres:
    New and old popular music
  • Last Application Date:

Job Spec

My partner and I are arranging our wedding for next year. We would like to know how much the cost would be for a DJ in the York area. Our wedding is taking place on 29.08.2020 at a local hotel. The reception is going to be from 7pm until 11pm. We are looking for prices from discos and info on packages. The hotel have told us the DJ will have to have PLI so thats a must. My partner and I would like to have some input on the play list. We have varied ages coming so want a good mix of new and old music. If you are a DJ in the York area send me an email. At the moment we want prices and info. My name is Ellie. Thank you.

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