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Pre DJ Sign Up FAQs

Pre DJ Sign Up FAQs

How long will it take my profile to be seen online?

Your profile and members portal account will be live right after completing sign up.

How would I receive gig requests?

Any requests will be sent direct to you using the email used when signing up.

Do you deal with venues and people hiring for me?

No. You will deal directly with whoever wants to hire you. We do not act like a manager.

Do you take a commission from my gigs?

No. You keep 100% of everything you earn.

Is there a minimum term when I sign up?

No, you can stay a paid member as long as you like. You will pay for a year and have the option to renew after 12 months.

Is this a subscription?

We offer 2 subscription options and a non subscription option. It's easy to cancel the subscriptions and we offer a 5 day refund on renewals (not initial payments).

What do I get when signing up?

All of the benefits are listed above, but you're mainly paying for a profile and being able to apply for jobs.

Can you guarantee me gigs?

No, unfortunately not. We can put you in view of people looking for DJs and that's all we can do.